Santas Christmas Float

The original St Albans Round Table Santa Christmas Float built on a 1972 electric milk float. It was suffering every year from Christmas eve till Advent Sunday so I made a plywood lid to be covered with a tarpaulin.
The plywood lid held the tarpaulin so that rain could not puddle in the dips. It worked great.
Repairs and replacements and improvements happen every November. Instead of a cassette player there is now an iPod and satellite tracking so that parents can see where the Float is.
How it now looks on a night out.
Through a contact at Winchester Round Table I got involved with them in creating their Santa Float. The milk float came from Leicester. It no longer looks like this. The cabin was removed and the chassis was used to build a sleigh.
On day one we created two sides to look like a sleigh.
Progress happened quickly as half a dozen friends assisted.
The result looks great but Santa and his Elf get very cold on December nights. The generator is stored under where Santa is sitting and powers a couple of electric blow heaters.