Refurbished Feed Room for the Riding School
Refurbished Staff Room with lockers under the benches for the Livery Staff.
Refurbished Staff Room for the Livery Team, a sink was added later.
Riding School rug room, refurbished.
Refurbishment of the Riding School Tack Room.
An extension to the Riding School Tack Room.
Tie up rail for ponies in the Riding School.

What colour I said, Pink they said jokingly, Pink is what they got.
Show Ponies new Rug Room
Sabbles, Bridles and boxes for grooming kits and lotions etc. in the Show Pony Tack Room
Newly created Tack Room for the Show Ponies and Horses.
Trailer chassis with added new wood to act as transport for the bride and groom from Church to reception.