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John Henry Robinson

BIOGRAPHICAL INFO JOHN HENRY ROBINSON I was born into a Farming, Abattoir, and Butchering business on the eastern slopes of the Pennines in northern England, 10 miles west of Durham City. Sixteen years later I joined Martins Bank Ltd as a trainee, at Spennymoor branch. Martins merged with Barclays in 1969 and, over the next few years, I was posted to Willington, Leyburn, Darlington and Internal Audit before being accepted onto the Graduate Management Development Programme, causing a posting to Edgeware Road, Cavendish Square and Regents Street, all in Central London. My first managerial appointment was at Kendal, as the Operations Manager, followed three years later, by Blackburn as a Relationship Manager, then back to London as a Large Debt Recoveries Manager. In 1986 I was posted to Dublin to close down a small subsidiary high street bank and then control the debt underwriting. 1989 took me to Head Office in Lombard Street then to Gracechurch Street as a generalist Relationship Manager, then in 1994 after a complex reorganization I found myself in the Professional Practices Team at Lombard Street caring for the global banking needs of Accountants, Actuaries, Real Estate firms and Solicitors. 2003 took me to New York for three years to care for the banking needs of the top decile Accountants, Lawyers and Realtors. I retired from Barclays in 2006 and joined Tony Williams at Jomati Consultants LLP as a consultant looking after the banking requirements of global law firms. Contemporaneously, I was caring for Accountants through Robinson Bros Consultants Ltd. The global crash im the late first decade caused professional consultancy work to dry up. Fortunately, Barclays had started paying my pension so, “to give something back”’ I started doing Pro Bono Business advice to a Riding Stables, a Restaurant, a Wood Recycling business and a Cathedral. I also took on several directorships, Trusteeships and Charity work. My hobbies since Primary School had been administration and woodwork. The administration had me managing my father’s business accounts at age 10 and was probably why I became a banker. Woodwork saw me repairing fencing, gates, doors etc. on the farm. At age 12 I decorated my mother’s staircase and at age 14 I started a window cleaning business in our village with my father’s ladder and my mother’s wash leather. In my banking days I continued administration as a committee man, charity worker and also continued woodworking with wardrobes, kitchen, flooring, fences, gates etc. Since final retirement in 2011 I have completed hundreds of projects many of which are shown in the attached pages. I have been married to Janice since 1972, we have three children and six grandchildren and all are healthy and doing well. My principal activities in 2019 are membership of the Assembly at St Albans Cathedral, Deanery Representative, Diocesan Representative, Bishop’s Council, Vacancy in See Committee, Closed Churches Uses Committee, Diocesan Board of Finance General Committee and Ordinary Committee, Properties Committee, Assets Committee and the Audit Committee.

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