Holiday Cottage

Vendee holiday cottage. The ceramic tray and plastic curtain was always letting water leak so we bought this cabin at Bricolage and I installed it.
Vendee holiday cottage. The rear patio had seen better days, so I re-laid it.
Vendee holiday cottage. Patio slabs lifted, weeds removed, sanded level and weed barrier, then re-laid the slabs, looked great but it was backbreaking work.
Vendee holiday cottage. The kitchen was typically French so we designed a Wickes kitchen to fit. We acquired it in St Albans, flat pack, took it to the Vendee in a hired white van and we installed it.
Vendee holiday cottage. We left St Albans on a Saturday and first job was removing the old units, then making up the flat packs into units. Here we are half way through.
Vendee holiday cottage. By the next Saturday we had it all finished, including the sink, hob and oven. The fridge was just out of picture as a freestanding unit.
Vendee holiday cottage, The back door was rotten and a security and health risk. I took some measurements home and created a patch for the bottom.
Vendee holiday cottage. Door bottom fabricated remotely in St Albans and taken to France to be spliced in place of the rotten part.
Vendee holiday cottage. New door bottom, no rot, secure and only steel straps visible to evidence the repair.