Garden Constructions

Bike shed and log store delivered to Winchester.
Logs in place and bikes locked behind doors.
Barbecue and lawn mower store.
Lawn mower and Barbecue in place.
Tanalised side gate for my hairdresser.
The inside of the gate.
Triple compost bins 3m x 1m x 1.2m.
Log store and bin store.
Tanalised foundations for a triangular corner deck.
Triangular deck finished.
Sleepers to grade a front garden, with added weed barrier and Cumbrian blue slate to follow.
Ready for the bushes.
Bushes going in.
Garden shed delivered and erected on a Tanalised set of foundations and shelves added.
Garden fence and gate in Marshalswick.
Inside of gate next to new extension.
Garden art created from decking offcuts.
Triple Compost Bins created for Old Garden Court, 3.6m x 1.2m x 1.5m
Log Cabin and deck created in Winchester.
Rear gate posts and pelmet installed by Quartermain Crafts.
Foundations for a 6m x 7m deck in St Albans.
Deck boards laid in a diamond style.
Deck and fencing completed.
Wire balustrade completed.
Bird tables for friends.
Oak gate on Jersey Farm. The diagonals are in the wrong direction but this is because it had to be hung on the left rather than the right.
Repairs to three separate front porches at Old Garden Court, to replace rotten 35 years old wood, It had lasted very well.
Good wood remained with new wood spliced to it.
They said the gate was beyond repair so I offered to have a look at it.
Cut out the bad, replace with tanalised timber, straighten hinges and repair the fastening. It now swings perfectly.
Twelve of these produced for the Abbey Flower Festival 2014. They were badly treated by the weather and humans but 5 years later there are eight still working.
Patio area created in the Precentor’s garden for the staff to sit and have coffee on nice days. Previously it was 2m high with brambles and buddleia and other massive weeds. It was not very popular, north east facing so no sun. seven years later it is covered 2m high with brambles and buddleia and other massive weeds
Pathway Pergola for plants.
Bannister created to the Studio for the infirm to grab in need.
Statutory information notice board, European Oak, installed outside the Chapter House.
Garden art made from decking off-cuts
Framework for a Land Rover theatre.
Flooring for a child’s pay castle
Rotten wood around a Koi pond clad with decking to reduce erosion.
Rotten frame to bi-fold doors, cleaned out, treated with wood hardener and filled with Resin.
Tanalised wooden gate for a neighbour with tongue and groove boards.
Another tanalised wooden gate with a curved top for another neighbour.
48 concrete feet on weed barrier and 48 legs for the base of a log cabin.
Log cabin progress 615 pieces of wood jigsaw.
getting there, all wood was treated with Creocote before being erected.
Floor internally before the roof went on.
Up to roof level and ramp to deck in place.
Five days later the roof is on, felt being laid, and the windows and doors are in and the deck is finished.
A corner work area for the man of the house.
The gardening end for the gardener.
The children’s corner for toys and bikes.
A bought gate fitted into a Quartermain frame and hardware added.