In progress is a garden coffee table for a neighbour.
The finished garden coffee table. I’ve had many problems with this as the top does not like the English weather. Warps, twists, shakes, and cracks have needed attention nearly every year.
A necklace rack created from live edge scraps of wood for my daughter.
A full-size garden table was created for a friend in Hemel Hempstead.
Family welly rack to hang up high in a garage on Jersey Farm.
The child’s wooden bus returned from several broken parts to nearly new.
An open-close room divider created with pallet wood and hinged at each side was delivered to Blackmore End.
A lounge side table created from oak and stained mahogany to match existing furniture for delivery to Sandpit Lane.
Chimney alcove cupboard and bookcase filler delivered to Winchester.
The chimney alcove cupboard doubles as a TV stand that can swing out at an angle.
The TV swinging at an angle.
Christmas fayre at Beechwood Park School, bird tables, nesting boxes, insect hotels, walking sticks, and platters.

West African Iroko (Milicia Excelsa) garden table for a friend. Known to the Igbo people as Oji wood, they believe it has supernatural powers. It is also called African Teak by Europeans, although it is unrelated to the teak family. Highly durable and resistant to rot and insect infiltration. It is ultra-versatile. Does not require regular treatment. Medium brown which matures to a deep brown, Due to all of this it is more expensive than other hardwoods.

Welly Rack made from off-cut mahogany and broom handles, the mahogany screws to a suitable wall.
A welly rack to stand on the patio., all pine, including broom handles.
An old hand-made wooden bus that had seen better days, was repaired for a friend.
A trophy base three years ago was not big enough for all the plaques of the Rugby Club. An extension was requested for the base which should last another 14 years.
An oak fender for my friend’s fireplace, European Oak. The flooring was later matched to fill the gap with a “bread-board end”.
Another view of the West African Iroko garden table exactly to the design that my client requested.
Walking sticks contrived from hedgerow cuttings as gifts for friends.
Micro workstation created from oak veneered MDF. What more does a man want?