Church Projects

Temporary foundations for an 80ft x 20ft marquee and patio. 78 ‘elephant’s feet’ concrete blocks were used to spread the weight. Only one concrete block had a joist resting on it, the other 65 of the Marquee were all different as the land was undulating. The legs supported the joists on which the 8ft x 4ft pallets were placed, creating a floor.
Fifty 8ft x 4ft pallets were constructed from 4″ x 2″ tanalised timber and 19mm oriented strand board, plus another 14 for the decking.
Trial construction of a marquee.
Abbot’s Kitchen after we moved it into the Marquee.
Plans for the Kell Room (robing room) after the building work.
Five x four pigeon holes for use by the congregation at the Abbey.
Triple A0 notice board, 8’6″ x 4’3″ European Oak in the South Aisle of the Nave.
A replica Portuguese fishing dingy 8ft x 3ft made for a flower display at the Flower Festival.
Dingy is in progress.
Very damaged door to the Sound Control Box, completely refurbished.
And the Sound Control Box door is ready to be rehung.
Amphibalus Shrine, could I make a lightweight replica that can be put in different places easily. Next to the original.
An Aumbry was created for Grovehill, Hemel Hempstead.
Containers for Service Sheets, a baker’s dozen produced.
Chairs get damaged regularly, I must have repaired 80 over the years.
Twelve collection plates, wood donated by Quartermain and turned by my brother Tommy.
The table in the Crossing of the Abbey, the top was seriously damaged by a fallen candle, it was totally replaced with veneered plywood.
Stocks for the sub-dean for the children to throw wet sponges at him.
Broken boundary fence to be replaced at the Precentor’s residence.
New fence replacing the damaged fence at the Precentor’s residence.
Rotten window frame on the Sub Dean’s bedroom.
Sub Dean’s rotten window wood was replaced.
Sub Dean’s garden shed fully refurbished. It was totally covered with ivy and other weeds and much of the wood was rotten.
Rotten stairs between the Chancellor’s garden and the Dean’s garden, completely replaced.
Fencing at the Deanery Barn.
Five barred gate after repairs and re-treatment.
Ten picnic tables, tanalised wood, 40-year life, 10cm x 5cm, using bolts and nails, painted with Cuprinol garden colours,
Underfloor shot of the Marquee base which needed a few repairs after two years of use. In all the Marquee was erected and used for 866 days at a cost to the Cathedral of £9.25 per day.
Five barred gate before repair and treatment.
12 A-frame notice boards created for the Cathedral environs at less than £10 each. treated pine and Far Eastern Plywood.
Patio sun shade area for staff coffee breaks in the “Potato Patch” at the Deanery.
Stair rail was installed at the Studio to assist infirm attendees. Tanalised wood and galvanised straps.
Raised vegetable beds for the Canon Chancellor, created from treated gravel boards and tanalised spikes.
The Crib where Jesus appears as a baby every Christmas Eve night. I carved one baby Jesus as the former one was stolen, and now the one I carved has been stolen so I’m carving a new one that will be glued and screwed to the Crib that will be bolted to the base.
Six of these were made for the Master of Music for the new Music School in the Deanery Building. Oak veneered MDF.
Another view of the music rests.
A divider around the Virger’s desk during 2017-2019
Plans for the Marquee, Kitchen, and Stores during the building work.
Plans for the Shop storage area during the building work.
Five desolate garages were emptied and refurbished with lighting, power, shelving, and Garadors for storage during the building work.
Refurbished coal bunker with a new lid.
Marquee base, 77 concrete feet to spread the load, 77 tanalised legs, 0.2m at the southeast to 1.2m at the northwest. Every leg was a different length due to the undulating land. Tanalised joists and tanalised frames for 60 at 2.44m x 1.22m pallets.
Underside of 70 pallets for the Marque base. Tanalised 10cm x 5cm framework (280 at 2.44m + 140 at 1.2m) and noggins (420) + 70 sheets of 18mm sheets of OSB3.
It was a very big Marquee but against the Cathedral it looks tiny.