Chairs and Benches

Adirondack Chair half-made, on the bench, in the workshop.
My first Adirondack chair built from memory after seeing one
at a Craft Fair, not great and needed improvement, which came quickly.
The sunrise is my mark, “built by John”.
Chair number one was made from memory, made of pine, with
the “improved” chair number two made also made from pine.
Both were quite heavy. Number two shows the redesigned back
and the increased number of seat slats. The bare one was sold
at the Portland Arms Christmas Fayre and I donated the blue
one to the Charity Raffle.
A double Adirondack chair is also called a “Tete a Tete”.
Sold at Beechwood Park School Christmas Fayre.
The second Tete a Tete was delivered to St Albans.
Three chairs were delivered to Winchester.
Two more chairs were delivered locally finished in Cuprinol Garden Colours.
A three-seater bench was delivered to St Albans Cathedral as a gift on the retirement of Snowy Owl.
Two Captain’s chairs which arrived at the workshop broken and damaged and dirty refurbished and delivered to Winchester.

Leather upholstery repairs for a demanding client, tears repaired, cracks filled and coloured to match existing. Kit provided by The Furniture Clinic.
More tears and cracks during repair, phew, colour matching on a 70-year-old chair is not easy.
More created 2020 ready for those who want one.
2021 output